I applied for the postgraduate entrance examination class in Suntech. I have no conditions to apply for the major he planned. I applied for the refund for about 4 days. Now I will not give it back

The contract is legally binding on both parties and shall perform their obligations and bear the responsibility for breach of contract in accordance with the ...
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The instructions for rural houses say that there are five people included in the list. Who can the homeowner give the whole house to, or according to the five people in the instructions, they can only make one decision for themselves?

Hello, if you can’t negotiate, it’s suggested to collect evidence for prosecution. Excuse me, lawyer, there are five people included in the approval of rural ...
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Our company has a cooperative relationship with individuals and signed a cooperation agreement. Does the company have the obligation of compensation

According to what you said, we need to make a comprehensive judgment according to the actual situation and the agreement. If it is caused by ...
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