What are the conditions for applying for bankruptcy of a limited company?

The condition of applying for bankruptcy is that the company is insolvent. Hello! What are the conditions for applying for bankruptcy of a limited company?.
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Should the capital contribution be calculated from the registered capital or the actual injected capital

The subscribed capital shall be calculated from the registered capital and the paid in capital shall be calculated from the actual injected capital. Ltxshq1873 Guangdong ...
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Is the change of civil non enterprise legal person decided by the Council? I am a legal person of people’s non enterprise. Can I change the legal person after two thirds of the Council votes?

The resolution procedure of the change of the people’s non enterprise legal person depends on the provisions of the articles of association of the organization. ...
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Forced to leave, what should I do

Gather evidence of coercion. , ltxpkv2761 Shanghai 2020-03-01 21:39.
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There is an investor in a sole proprietorship, who bears the debt

The investor registered in the industrial and commercial department shall bear unlimited joint and several liability for the sole proprietorship enterprise. There is one investor ...
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I’m going to submit my resignation report. Can I apply for the public holiday of last year before I leave? What should be done if the courtyard does not allow it?

The unit is not obliged to agree with your application and is obliged to pay overtime pay according to law. Hello, I’m going to submit ...
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With my grandfather (there is a placement agreement) the property owner only has my grandfather’s name. Do I still have the right to add a name to the property right certificate? Is there a time limit?

If your grandparents are alive and they both agree, you can buy, sell, or give. , we were demolished in 1985, when I was only ...
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Tell me orally that I don’t have to go to work. What should I do

If the company’s reason is not established, it can apply for labor arbitration. Hello, during the epidemic period and during the probation period, the company ...
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I signed a contract with a company. I am basically engaged in customer service in the company. That is to say, creating difficulties in disguise makes me resign. What should I do?

The work position clearly includes the operator, so we can only suggest that we see the content clearly before signing the contract next time. Hello, ...
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The neighbor agrees to drive out in a counterclockwise direction, but does not agree to drive out in a clockwise direction. Otherwise, the neighbor will sue. What should I do?

If you buy his house, you can drive it as you like without a neighbor. , the interior opening of the anti-theft door is changed ...
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