Which property does not need to be notarized before marriage, which property needs to be notarized before marriage?

Hello, in real life, not all properties of two people’s marriage need to be notarized before marriage.

Generally speaking, properties that are easy to prove do not need to be notarized before marriage.

Properties that are difficult to prove need to be notarized before marriage.

Like real estate, such as houses, cars, etc.

, because of the implementation of the registration system, clear property rights, there is no need for premarital property notarization.

For the movable property with the property right changing at any time, such as deposit, jade, gold and silver premarital property notarization jewelry and other valuables, the premarital property notarization is required in order to avoid being unable to make it clear at the time of divorce.

For example, if a party has a set of real estate before marriage, and the house is demolished during marriage, this compensation is personal property.

After receiving the compensation, if necessary, notarization of marriage property shall be carried out in time.

Because money is a movable property, if it is not notarized, it is difficult to say who is in dispute.

Money that is not clear will be counted as common property.

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