Does girlfriend have depression be mental disease? Can we get married?

Hello, depression is also a kind of psychosis.

Under the following circumstances, psychosis can’t be married: first, the patients with psychosis, manic depression or other serious psychosis who are in the period of onset should be forbidden to marry.

Because they have lost their mind during the disease, they are often difficult to take care of their own lives, and even endanger social security.

Therefore, it is not only bad for the patient himself, but also bad for the other party to get married.

The second is that although the onset period has passed, the patients whose mental symptoms have not been completely relieved or are being treated cannot get married.

Because at this time the patient’s ability to bear the setbacks in life and marriage is still poor, they are often in love, or on the night of marriage, or soon after marriage, their condition worsens, and they are hospitalized again.

Therefore, those who want to treat mental illness with a rush of happy events, or worry about their children suffering from mental illness, which will affect their life, and give them a rush to find objects, hasty marriage is wrong, not only difficult to achieve the goal, but also because For the above reply, if you have other questions, you can contact directly or turn to one-to-one consultation, which will give you more detailed solutions.

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