Does girlfriend have depression be mental disease? Can we get married?

Hello, depression is also a kind of psychosis. Under the following circumstances, psychosis can’t be married: first, the patients with psychosis, manic depression or other ...
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I’d like to know what materials should the parties keep for the couple’s debts?

Hello, once the creditor claims to be the joint debtor of the borrower’s husband and wife, the party who has not actually borrowed money cannot ...
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Which property does not need to be notarized before marriage, which property needs to be notarized before marriage?

Hello, in real life, not all properties of two people’s marriage need to be notarized before marriage. Generally speaking, properties that are easy to prove ...
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Our husband and wife want to divorce by agreement. What are the requirements for divorce registration?

Hello, for divorce registration, the following conditions shall be met: (1) both parties of divorce registration must be legal husband and wife who handle marriage ...
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My wife cheated me. What are the ways for the court to deal with invalid marriage?

Hello, the case of annulment of marriage is a non litigation case in nature. It is more appropriate to apply special procedures to the trial ...
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Does my wife and I occasionally quarrel and count as domestic violence?

Hello, due to the differences in living environment, life concept, education level and personality between men and women since childhood, it is inevitable that men ...
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I saw real estate recruiting drivers on the market. I said that the company would reimburse the real estate after 15 days. Now, the more I think about it, the more afraid I am of being a liar, what should I do?

Hello, beware of being cheated. You can ask for return. , I saw real estate recruiting drivers on the market. Today, I went for an ...
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I just borrowed 20000 yuan from Xiaomi finance. I don’t have so much money. I don’t want to borrow it, but I have signed a contract. What should I do now

There are many online loan frauds. Don’t pay. Excuse me, I just borrowed 20000 yuan from Xiaomi finance. He asked me to deposit 4000 yuan ...
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2. All college students have jobs. 3. They have rural hukou, but their homestead has been sold and they have lived in other places for a long time. Can they still share the land?

Hello, the rural household registration can not be divided into fields. College students need to distinguish whether they have rural household registration or not, indicating ...
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What are the conditions for applying for bankruptcy of a limited company?

The condition of applying for bankruptcy is that the company is insolvent. Hello! What are the conditions for applying for bankruptcy of a limited company?.
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