What to do if there is a conflict? Is there a time limit

Hello, if the negotiation fails, the evidence can be collected to the court for litigation settlement.

The competent court is generally the place where the defendant has his domicile or habitual residence.

The trial summary procedure lasts for three months and the limitation of action lasts for three years.

The specific litigation process is as follows: 1.

Write a civil indictment, collect relevant evidence materials, and file a case at the filing window of the people’s court with jurisdiction. 2. After the case is accepted, the court will give You should pay a certain proportion of litigation fees to the designated bank according to the instructions, and then take the payment documents given by the bank to the court for ticket exchange. 3. Wait for the court to notify the court to hold a court session, and generally issue a court session summons to the original defendant. 4. Attend the lawsuit according to the time and place indicated by the summons. 5. Wait for the judgment result after the court session, and receive the judgment if you are not satisfied with the result Appeal to the intermediate people’s court from the date of the result. 6. After the judgment becomes effective, the court may apply for compulsory execution, and the person subjected to execution shall be added to the blacklist of the person subjected to execution for dishonesty.

Which is the most important? What to do if there is a conflict? Is there a time limit.