On temporary workers and wage and working hours

Hello, you can collect evidence for labor arbitration.

Labor arbitration refers to the intermediate arbitration and award of labor disputes applied for arbitration by the labor dispute arbitration committee.

In China, labor arbitration is the necessary procedure for the parties to labor dispute to bring a lawsuit to the people ‘s court.

In accordance with the provisions of the labor dispute mediation and arbitration law, the party who initiated the labor arbitration shall submit a written application to the labor dispute arbitration committee within one year from the date of the occurrence of the labor dispute.

Economic compensation may be required in accordance with the length of service, payment of wages in arrears, and compensation for the double wage difference without a labor contract.

Economic compensation shall be paid to the laborer according to the standard of paying one month’s salary for each full year of the laborer’s working years in the unit.

If the period is more than six months but less than one year, it shall be calculated as one year.

if the period is less than six months, economic compensation of half a month’s salary shall be paid to the laborer.

(1) Disputes arising from the confirmation of labor relations.

(II) disputes arising from the conclusion, performance, change, cancellation and termination of labor contracts.

(III) disputes arising from the removal, dismissal, resignation and resignation.

(IV) disputes arising from working hours, rest and vacation, social insurance, welfare, training and labor protection (5) Disputes arising from labor remuneration, medical expenses for work-related injuries, economic compensation or compensation.

and (VI) other labor disputes stipulated by laws and regulations.

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