I resigned. At that time, the master didn’t say anything. Later, he sent me a wechat message on New Year’s Eve to give me a salary. I saw that he gave me two hundred and seventy yuan less. How can I solve this problem?

If the negotiation fails, it can apply for labor arbitration.

Before I joined the company, I told my master to work as a temporary worker because I had a class in other places that I could leave at any time.

Later, after working for more than a month and a half, my teacher called me to say that the class had started and asked me to hurry.

Then I resigned on the same day (January 5).

At that time, my master didn’t say anything.

Later, on New Year’s Eve, he sent me a wechat to pay me less He said that he didn’t plan to give it to me because I said he would leave.

I said that I told him I would leave at any time.

He didn’t admit it.

How can I deal with it?.