Excuse me, four of us beat two people, but we were injured. What should we do

It needs to be judged according to the specific circumstances of the case. Hello, can you tell me how to beat two people by four ...
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Can I have a promotion of level 9 for each of the two leg fractures

Two fractures are identified as grade 9 respectively. When calculating compensation, we should consider more calculation. Hello, can grade 9 be upgraded to grade 1 ...
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My dad and Liuda in the market were talking to an old man. My dad was on the verge of thinking. Is he responsible

If the other party is at fault, it can be required to bear the fault liability. If there is a dispute, it can sue and ...
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One set of commercial housing was purchased in 2013, with a down payment of thirty percent. As of February 2020, the real estate certificate cannot be handled. How to solve it?

According to the contract signed by both parties and the actual performance, if the other party causes the contract to be unable to continue to ...
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I want to find someone who only knows his name and how to find him in the county and town where he has his household registration

If it’s only the name of the other party, it’s hard to find. Hello, I want to find someone who only knows his name and ...
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This will affect the credit card stop, can’t you

Hello, if the amount of malicious overdraft is small, it may be prosecuted. if the amount is large, it may be investigated for criminal responsibility, ...
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How to write a simple reminder letter when the company reports work-related injuries to employees

The items of industrial injury compensation include: (1) medical treatment fee. (2) Board allowance for hospitalization. (3) Transportation and accommodation expenses for medical treatment in ...
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How to deduct the salary if you don’t want to work during the epidemic

If the wage is defaulted by the employing unit, it can complain to the local labor law enforcement and supervision team, or apply to the ...
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The car is low pressure. Can the court enforce it

If the vehicle is registered in your name, the court may enforce it. , 1571299 * * Beijing – Beijing 2020-02-20 22:17.
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Bought a dress in the micro store, the buyer applies for return from the seller through negotiation, the seller resolutely does not return, does the seller violate the consumption law? Can buyers apply for a refund?

According to the provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, there are ...
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