I’ll pay half the down payment for the car. I’ll find a middleman and give the money to the middleman. I won’t pay back the car loan or give me the money

Hello, you can recover from the intermediary. I suggest you collect evidence first and negotiate with the other party to solve the problem. If the ...
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65 year old, no contract, car accident on the way to work, false note needs to be accompanied. How to calculate the old man’s overtime and accompanying expenses

During the period when a person who has reached or exceeded the legal retirement age is hired to work in the employing unit, if he ...
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I don’t accept the new arrangement. Can I propose to the company to terminate the contract through negotiation and get compensation n + 1?

Your question I have been clear, now reply as follows: first, the labor contract is the legal basis to confirm the labor contract relationship between ...
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There is a man on the Internet who says that if someone wants to find her in Yibin, Sichuan, is it a crime of intimidation? Is there any punishment? Should I call the police?

You can report the case to the local public security organ. There is a man on the Internet who insults my sister by saying that ...
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My neighbors dig a hole in the back of my house to drain water

The court can sue for restitution and stop the infringement, etc. , ltqatm 3912 Hebei Baoding 2020-02-27 15:24.
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Because of a little incident. The police said it was a residential dispute. Should the three be detained first? Wait for hospital examination results

Serious injury is a criminal case, and should bear criminal responsibility, because of a small quarrel. He started first. Three young people beat a 60-year-old ...
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Did not get a marriage certificate to buy a house, only filled in the name of the girlfriend, there are transfer records, what method can I pay back the down payment?

According to specific situations. If consultation fails, a lawsuit may be filed. Hello, I bought a house without a marriage certificate and just filled in ...
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Is the pilot color app platform on the mobile phone legal? Do you have any appointment in this respect!

Hello, there is no specific risk, beware of being cheated. Hello, is the pilot color app platform on the mobile phone legal? Is there a ...
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Is Jingcai hall a gambling industry

Those suspected of fraud shall keep evidence and report to the local public security organ for settlement. , ltdtam1274 Beijing – Beijing 2020-02-25 23:41.
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