Change the car into an operational one! Will the accident insurance company refuse to pay

The contract is legally binding on both parties and shall perform their obligations and bear the responsibility for breach of contract in accordance with the contract.

If negotiation is not possible, evidence shall be collected to go to the court to sue for rights protection.

According to the contract law, “if a party fails to perform its contractual obligations or the performance of its contractual obligations does not conform to the agreement, it shall bear the liabilities for breach of contract such as continuing to perform, taking remedial measures or compensating for losses.

” “If one party expressly indicates or indicates by his own conduct that he fails to perform his contractual obligations, the other party may require him to bear the liability for breach of contract before the expiration of the time limit for performance.

” , the car has been changed into an operational one! But no business insurance! Will the accident insurance company refuse to pay.