What is the latest divorce child support standard in 2020

After marriage, the party who does not directly support the child shall pay the maintenance fee to the party who directly supports the child. Determination ...
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Can I call the police,

Can we call the police? What is the problem? Can we call the police,,.
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What is the standard of dividing the property of illegal cohabitation?

Hello, according to Article 10 of several opinions of the people’s Court on the trial of cases of cohabitation in the name of husband and ...
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How does the people’s court assess the standard of alimony for divorce?

The standard of alimony can refer to Article 7 of several specific opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on handling the issue of children’s alimony ...
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What is the repayment method of the joint debt of husband and wife

The joint debt of husband and wife mainly includes (1) the debt paid for the performance of the obligation of maintenance. (2) the debt paid ...
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A solid girlfriend, who hasn’t met several times, has been asking for money. There are more than 30000 cash plus things. If you want to get the money back, can you get it back through the law

Those with transfer records can come back. We can be entrusted to intervene if necessary. Years ago, through the introduction, a solid girlfriend, who didn’t ...
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Does my friend have any obligation to repay the medical expenses I paid in advance in case of drinking accident

Hello, we need to take responsibility according to the fault. , ltxujq3794 Beijing – Beijing 2020-01-27 20:31.
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What’s your phone number, please?

What do you consult about? In a word, Hello, lawyer Chai. What’s your phone number, please?.
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Three years after receiving the divorce certificate, the man did not divide the property according to the oral agreement

Can entrust a lawyer to mediate, recuperate not to sue the other side! , ltkwhn9682 Henan Zhengzhou 2020-01-27 17:22.
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My husband died. Is it OK to transfer the car to my son?

Hello, heritage, if there is no will, it needs to be inherited according to the law, ltfcdi7351 Beijing – Beijing 2020-01-27 17:15.
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