2016 Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Purchased or refinanced a home in 2016? Find out the tax benefits available to you as a homeowner.For most people, the annual task of completing income taxes is about as exciting as a visit to the dentist’s office. BUT…homeownership typically means increased tax deductions, which are generally considered to be a good thing.Use the information below as a reference to help you determine which items from last year’s closing may be written off on your 2016 income taxes.Write Off Items for 2016 TaxesThe list below pertains to primary or vacation residences (for investment properties, please see IRS Publication 527). All the items listed below can be found on the Closing Disclosure signed at settlement. This may help you save money in 2017!Points Paid on a Home Purchase in 2016 – Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section AIf any origination charges include points paid in exchange for a lower interest rate, they may be fully deductible. **Other fees in this section – application, underwriting, processing, etc.- may not be deductible.Points Paid on a Mortgage Refinance in 2016 – Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section APoints paid to your mortgage company in exchange for a lower interest rate may be deductible, BUT there is a distinction between could be deductible this year, and what is deductible over the life of the loan:Property Taxes (actual and pro-rated) – Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section FProperty taxes itemized in this section may be tax deductible in the year they are paid. However, property tax escrows in section G may NOT be tax deductible until they are actually paid by your mortgage company to the appropriate municipality, (city or county).Pre-paid Interest – Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section FPre-paid interest is typically collected at closing to square the borrower(s) away through the end of the month. Because this is a pro –rated part of the payment to begin the amortization cycle in arrears, the interest noted in this section may also be deductible.Upfront Mortgage Insurance & VA Funding Fee – Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section BIf your adjusted gross income is $109,000 or less, you may be able to deduct upfront mortgage insurance on FHA and conventional loans as well as the VA Funding Fee.This list does not include all of the property taxes paid throughout the year or all of the mortgage interest that will be included in the 1098 form(s) that will be sent by your mortgage servicer(s).**PLEASE NOTE: THIS OVERVIEW IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL, TAX, OR FINANCIAL ADVICE. PLEASE CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED TAX ADVISER FOR SPECIFIC ADVICE PERTAINING TO YOUR SITUATION. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE ITEMS, PLEASE REFERENCE IRS PUBLICATION 936.

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